About MortgageStats

MortgageStats is a comprehensive data service derived from call report data and quarterly surveys of lenders and servicers. Data in MortgageStats can be used to benchmark performance on key metrics or for a deep dive into mortgage industry activity that is timelier than Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data.

A MortgageStats.com subscription offers instant access to the following data, updated quarterly:
  • An extensive list of residential lenders ranked by volume, loans, and various production channels, along with comparison data from past years
  • Data on nontraditional mortgage products, including closed-end second-liens, HELOCs, non-QM loans and reverse mortgages
  • An extensive list of residential servicers ranked by volume, loans, yield, delinquency and foreclosure ratios, along with comparison data from past years
  • All data is conveniently downloadable in Excel spreadsheets

Customer Service

To reach our Customer Service Department, please call 212-803-8500 or email